Treatment Planning

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Treatment Planning serves as the blueprint to constructing the treatment approaches and measurable goals to help guide clients to their desired goals. We use a client-centered disciplinary approach to treatment plan development that ensures client involvement and attainable goal development. We engage other providers in the treatment planning process, if necessary, to ensure collaboration and continuity of care.  

One of the most important elements of your treatment is the treatment planning (care planning) process. Treatment planning takes into consideration client history, diagnosis, strengths and weaknesses, goals, needs, obstacles, and measurable outcomes to help the client progressively advance in treatment. 

The Treatment Plan is aimed toward the prevention, treatment and resolution of problems and/or mental health disorders. 

Each individualized treatment plan provides specific goals and interventions which often require a mixture of intensive, home-based mental health service supports including, but not limited to:

  • Utilizes a person-centered approach
  • Goals are individualized
  • Goals are measurable and realistic
  • Objectives are evidence-based
  • Treatment team monitors and assists with progression towards goals