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Who We Are

Adaptive Behavioral Health is a comprehensive behavioral health agency that focuses on individual strengths and adaptive skill development. We understand that sometimes situations don’t change, so we help children, adolescents, adults and families build the adaptive skills needed to overcome life’s challenges and function at their highest potential.

In addition to offering comprehensive mental health rehabilitation services, we provide individual, group and other services that can support clients in their natural environments and can assist to prevent more intensive treatment. Our psychiatric medication management program provides diverse psychiatric treatment services for both children and adults. Our caring and highly trained mental health professionals focus on the person receiving services and help to facilitate a client practitioner relationship that fosters healing and stabilization. 

Our multidisciplinary treatment team includes physicians, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, mental health counselors, case managers, and social workers. Clients gain skills in the areas of developing healthy boundaries, learning how to appropriately express emotions, using effective communication skills, increasing self-esteem, managing anger, and developing life skills. 

Adaptive Behavioral Health serves as an essential component of a recovery-oriented system of care where individuals can learn to live successfully and where families can gain knowledge, skills, and coping mechanisms to support their loved ones and themselves. Our evidence-based programs are designed to help individuals live healthy, satisfying, and self-directed lives.

Our Values

"We Believe in People"

Quality Care

Clients may not always need more services, but they will always need best services. We strive to provide services using best industry practices at the highest level of quality available.

Treatment Outcomes

Behavioral Health progress is not only measured by clients 'feeling better', but 'being better'. We focus on outcomes measured against baseline symptoms established upon admission and clients global quality of life.


We view our clients as the experts of their own situations and we work with them to establish the goals they want to accomplish for themselves, while communicating and helping to guide them to increased functionality and stability. 

Why Choose Adaptive

We believe in human potential – That is that everyone, despite mental health and/or developmental challenges deserve the highest quality of life. So we focus on treating people like people, meeting them where they are, understanding and empathizing with their situation and helping them reach their goals. We focus on national standards and best industry practices, providing the greatest opportunity for our clients success.

Our Services

Our services are provided in-home, in-school or at our office location. We offer flexible scheduling and a Team Management approach ensuring you get the best and most convenient care possible. Our services are intended to change behavior, improve interpersonal skills, facilitate interpersonal growth, increase social skills and functionality, maximize client strengths.

We provide the following services:

In-School / In-Home for Children & Adults; Child / Adult / Adolescent Services; Targeted Case Management; Mental Health Rehabilitation Services; Psychosocial Skill Development; Community Psychiatric Support; Crisis Intervention; Coordinated Treatment Planning; Intensive Outpatient Program; Individual, Family & Group Therapy; Parent / Family Intervention; ADHD / Autism; Fighting / Defiant / Anger Management; Medication Management; Drug & Alcohol Addictions; Behavior Problems; Adjustment Problems; Depression / Anxiety / OCD / PTSD; Conflict resolution / Bullying / Trauma; Peer Pressure / Socialization Skills/ Peer Support Services / Behavioral Health - Outpatient / Other Mental Health Issues

Foster Care Specialists

Our Foster Care Specialist have experience in both mental health and the various complex issues related to the transitional living and the impact of family separation, abuse, abandonment and neglect. They are trauma-focused providers trained in child and adolescent asset building.

We also provide the state required Comprehensive Assessment (CANS 2.0 - Child & Adolescent Strength and Needs Assessment), along with psychiatric evaluations, counseling, coordinated treatment planning, and targeted case management services. 

Client accessible, state regulated electronic medical records are used to facilitate best practice service delivery for the foster care population. We ensure our foster care clients have access and education on the importance of managing and monitoring their medical record. 

* Adaptive Behavioral Health is a Texas CANS 2.0 provider. CONTACT US to schedule a Texas CANS 2.0 Assessment for a child or adolescent in foster care.

Working With Schools

All our services to children and adolescents are well coordinated with the child’s school system. We work closely with school counselors and administrative teams to ensure academic and social functionality and adaptability. We participate in coordinated reporting and treatment planning helping parents accomplish the goals they set for their child.

Family Involvement

Mental health affects the entire family and we understand that. So our treatment approach encourages family involvement and engagement. We also educate and inform consented family members and client support systems on the most effective strategies to long term stability.

Both children and adults need their support system and we make intentional coordinated efforts to ensure that the families effected by behavioral health issues are part of the systemic recovery and stability goals for our clients. 

We're Here For You

If you have any questions or need more information about our agency and services. please complete and submit the form below. We will respond to your request within 24 hours. If you have an urgent request, please call us at (713) 505-1269 

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