Client Portal

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Our Client Portal provides our clients with access to agency documents, agency communication and other information concerning their treatment. The portal is not designed to store client treatment records. It is a tool that clients can use to quickly access forms, surveys, contact staff, access agency documents, and get resources and information concerning their treatment.  

If you are a new client and have not yet completed your Intake Documents for admission. please click the 'New Admission Documents' tab below. 


Tell us how we are doing! Your feedback helps us improve. Please take a minute to complete this survey. We greatly appreciate your time and feedback. 


Coordination services allows different providers to work together on your treatment. The more we know know about other treatments you may be receiving, the better we are able to effectively work with those providers to ensure continuity of care, coordination of treatment and care, and provide individualized client-centered treatment. If you would like to us collaborate your services with another provider, school or agency, simply fill out the following form.


Services may be provided at your child's school. If services are provided in the school, a parent or legal guardian must give consent for services to be provided. Other school officals may need to sign the authorization form allowing Adaptive Behavioral Health staff to provide services on the school campus during school hours.  


Employers, schools or other entities may require you to show that you had a behavioral health appointment with Adaptive Behavioral Health. The 'Excuse Letter' can be used as a receipt of receiving services from Adaptive Behavioral Health. 


When you started receiving services with us, we provided you with a Client Orientation Handbook. The handbook addresses issues related to your treatment, rights and responsibilities, service times, clinical contacts, and other information about the agency. If you need another copy of the ABH Client Handbook, you may request one by clicking the link below. 


We conduct family-based community activities throughout the year. Our clients and their families along with others in the community are always encouraged to participate in these community-based, family focused events. Find out where the next event is and how you can and your family can get involved. 

ABH Community Events

We provide our clients with a list of helpful resources that may be beneficial for you during your treatment with us. These resources are intended to be helpful information for you concerning mental health, public health safety and other related subjects. For a list of these resources click the link below. If you have any questions about further resources that may be helpful to you and your family, please contact our office for assistance.  

Client Resources

If you need anything during the course of your treatment, please contact us immediately. You have also been given a direct contact number of your primary clinical service provider. If you are unable to reach your clinical service provider, please let us know. We want to ensure that you have access and consistent correspondence with us throughout the course of your treatment. Also remember that if you are experiencing a medical or mental health emergency you should call 911 immediately and get to the nearest hospital. or emergency room.